Cooking: Simmer twig tea for up to 20 minutes to give it more body and a deeper flavour, making it a more warming drink. Enjoy in summer as refreshing ice tea.
Ingredients: Roasted organic kukicha tea leaves and twigs.
Kukicha, sometimes known as Bancha, is a Japanese green tea made from the twigs and stems of the tea plant. Our Kukicha is made from stems and branches that are separated in the refining process of Sencha (Green Tea). They are then roasted in cast iron cauldrons to reduce the bitterness and decrease tannin and the roasting aroma and mild flavour are its main characteristics. Japanese folklore says it aids digestion and helps neutralise an acidic digestive system. Our Kukicha has been the most popular kind of tea because it has less caffeine and can be enjoyed by all tea drinkers, including children.

Weight .11 kg
Dimensions 22 × 9 × 1 cm


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