Cooking: Green tea contains amino-acids, caffeine and catechin. Amino-acids, which are sweet in nature, are at their peak in flavour at 50-60øC so if the water is too hot the tea may become overly bitter.


Ingredients: Organic green tea leaves.


Size: 100 g loose tea, 20 Tea bags.


Sencha (Green Tea) is Japan’s most beloved healthy tea and accounting for about 80% of its tea production. Unlike other teas, traditional production of Sencha begins with premium quality small green tea leaves that are picked in early spring and steamed during the same day of the harvest to prevent oxidation. This process retains its golden-green colour, refreshing aroma and a faint bitterness in its sweet, fresh flavour. It then goes through several rubbing processes to make each leaf a long thin shape which brings out a grassy note and savoury (umami) tea leaf taste.


Our Organic Green Tea is a great start for the day, waking up the body and spirit. Containing catechins, a type of anti-oxidant that are most abundant in Sencha teas, it also contains the most protein and dietary fibre among all kinds of tea.


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