Nature’s Treasures – Colloidal Silver 1L


Colloidal silver is a tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, pure, natural substance consisting of sub-microscopic clusters of silver particles, suspended by a tiny electric charge placed on each particle, within a suitable liquid. The molecule’s size usually ranges from 0.01 to about 0.001 microns in diameter – very small indeed.

The particles do not settle but remain suspended since the electric charge exerts more force than gravity on each particle. Colloidal is the form of choice since the body must convert a crystalline solution to colloidal before it can be used.

Taken daily, it is a powerful adjunct to our immune system, by killing harmful disease-causing organisms and aids healing.

Silver and all minerals are obtained from the food we eat. This comes directly from organic soil containing living organisms. These organisms assist in making the minerals available to the vegitation. However, if we eat fruit and vegetables grown on chemical fertilizers, as most plants are grown today, we do not get the necessary quantity of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which occur only in organically grown foods.

This results in deficiencies which progress over time resulting in an impaired immune function. The results are diseases of aging. Dr Robert Backer noticed a correlation between low silver levels and sickness, colds, flu etc.

Some suspect that silver deficiency is possibly one of the main reasons cancer exists and is increasing at such a rapid rate today. Dr Bjorn Nordstrom of the Karolinsha Institute, Sweeden, has used silver in his cancer treatment for many years. He says it has brought on rapid remission in many patients whom other doctors had given up on.

Silver is a very powerful natural antibiotic. It has been used for hundreds of years in it’s less effective solid form but in more recent decades it has been used in it’s colloidal form – with no side effects. It is a catalyst, disabling the particular enzyme that all one-cell bacteria, fungii and virus, use for their oxygen metabolism which means they suffocate or starve. Many others are destroyed because the electric charge on the silver particles cause their internal protoplast to collapse and still others are rendered unable to reproduce.

Using the proper solution, there are never any side effects and using true colloidal silver does no harm to the essential bacteria found in our intestinal tract. 

According to medical journals from around the world, it disables the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. Colloidal Silver co-mingles with the blood and enters the cells to seek out and destroy harmful organisms.

It suffocates them in six minutes or less, after initial contact. This phenomenon was recently demonstrated in tests at the UCLA Medical Labs. Trace amounts protect and strengthen the immune system.

Some Applications of Colloidal Silver

Liquid silver may be applied directly to the skin. A few drops on a cotton bud or cotton wool may be used to disinfect any wound or sore. Liquid silver is administered orally and can also be injected.

It can be used vaginally, anally atomized or inhaled into the nose or lungs and dropped into the eyes.

To start take 2-3 tablespoons 3 times a day.
For colds and flu symptoms take more on the first day of any ailment, then cut down as improvements occur

After a few days of use, one might experience a de-tox effect in the form of feeling sluggish. Consumption of water will cause these symptoms to disappear.

It will not generate free radicals or interfere with enzyme activity. It has no reaction with other medications.

Note: Silver will kill literally kilo’s of germs and bacteria. These dead ‘bugs’ must come out somehow! Please drink at least a liter of good water everyday. Feelings of tiredness or heaviness may otherwise occur (see below the Importance of Water and Benefits of Energized Water).

Use for Pets

Please note: Ensure that you put Coloidal Silver in the water YOUR PETS DRINK! Apart from keeping your pets free from bacteria, this will also ensure that they do not [re]-infect you and your family! Do this regularly and keep it up. Pets pick up germs daily. Also apply to any wounds or infections.



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