Duii Fermented Vinegar Siwu – 300ml


Duii Siwu Vinegar 2.3% Acidity.
Four classic Chinese Herbs in this formula.  Supports healthy energy levels, iron levels & red blood cells;
May help to relieve common symptoms of menopause; Improves management of irregular periods; relieves menstrual pain & sore back; assists with blood circulation.

Features of Duii

  • Balances ph level, assists with digestion, enhances metabolism & improves immunity.

  • Traditional fermentation process is applied to every bottle for over 5 years.

  • Naturally fermentedin special ceramic pots, which provide an ideal environment for organic acid, amino acid, vitamin & mineral formation.

  • Made with real fruit, not infused with fruit concentrates or artificial flavours.


Siwu (Paeonia, Ligusticum, Angelica and Rehmannia) , purified water, raw cane sugar, brown rice yeast.

Store at room temperature.

To avoid increased blood loss, drinking Chinese Herbs, such as Siwu, promotes blood flow and is not recommended during menstruation and pregnancy.

Suggested Consumption:

20-30 ml per day. For 1 part vinegar, dilute into 5- 10 parts water based upon preference.

100% all natural, Non – alcholic, no preservatives, no chemicals, no artificial colours.


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