Colloidal Selenium 500mL


High Purity Selenium Colloid Concentrate.

Fulhealth Industries Selenium Colloid is is a concentrated and pure selenium that’s been suspended in distilled water. A trace mineral found naturally in the soil and certain foods, selenium is the absolute antioxidant king of the mineral kingdom and is used by medical doctors around the world to prevent and treat chronic, degenerative illnesses. Selenium Colloid can safely be mixed with any other Colloid products.

Health Benefits of Selenium Colloid

A vital mineral for the body, Selenium helps to boost the immune system, provides antioxidant activity that defends against free radical damage and inflammation, and contributes towards maintaining a healthy metabolism. Around the world, healthcare practitioners and many studies have found selenium can:

  • Actively fight off viruses,

  • Protect against heart disease,

  • Reduce symptoms associated with serious conditions like asthma,

  • Slow the ageing process and prevent the return of many skin conditions and abnormal growths.

In addition to assisting with the prevention and treatment of Inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular and neurological conditions, selenium also helps regulate Thyroid Hormones, increase Sperm Motility, (movement) and benefits chronic immune and/or oestrogen dominant imbalance. 


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